A coordinated Pan-European approach is essential for tackling the COVID-19 epidemic, and finding the most effective therapeutic solutions. A number of ambitious EU-funded projects, EU-RESPONSE, RECOVER, and ECRAID-Prime share a joint coordination module that allows them to evaluate potential therapeutics for COVID-19, while avoiding duplications and maximizing the use of resources. The coordination module, composed of the Trial Coordination Board (TCB), the Joint Access Advisory Mechanism (JAAM) and the Adaptive Platform Trial Toolbox, ensures optimal coordination of trials in the EU and abroad and provides a single entry point for new study arms in the European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials.

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Overview of JAAM

How can new study drugs be evaluated in the existing European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials? The Joint Access Advisory Mechanism (JAAM) is the single access point for developers to propose new therapeutic solutions that can be evaluated in Phase II or Phase III trials. As an independent expert panel, the JAAM advises the EU-SolidAct, REMAP-CAP and ECRAID Prime trials in Europe.   

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Overview of TCB

The Trial Coordination Board (TCB) gathers all key stakeholders involved in the implementation of trials and the successful integration of trial outcomes into clinical care. The TCB brings together the four European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials (APT) along with other large trials from across the globe, policy makers and regulators, preclinical research experts, platform trial experts and more. It provides a forum for multilateral discussion and makes recommendations on the strategic development of the APTs.

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The Adaptive Platform Trial Toolbox

This publicly available toolbox contains diverse guidelines, templates and references that can help in the design, implementation and management of complex adaptive platform trials (APT). Developed through multi-stakeholder collaborations and implemented within the COVID-19 APTs, these tools can be implemented in diverse disease areas.

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Explore other opportunities for European COVID Trials

There are other complementary European initiatives that also aim to expedite research on COVID-19 and reduce research waste. The Covid-19 Marketplace is the free online tool to help investigators identify opportunities for collaborations on key research questions. Investigators are invited to peruse the protocols that have been logged into the database or directly share their research question for its inclusion in the database. Those who have similar ideas can choose to be put in relation with the author of the initial protocol submission.

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