The Joint Access Advisory Mechanism

The Joint Access Advisory Mechanism (JAAM) is the entryway for the European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials. It is the single body, common to the DisCoVeRy, EU-SolidAct, REMAP-CAP and ECRAID Prime trials, that assesses requests from investigators or industry looking to test their compound in one or more of these trials.  



The JAAM is composed of the coordinators of the EU-RESPONSE and RECOVER projects, the principal investigators of DisCoVeRy, EU-SolidAct and REMAP-CAP in Europe and the chairs of the trials’ drug prioritisation committees. It meets regularly, to assess requests for access according to the following criteria :

1- Public health interest of the proposed study drug;

2- Scientific, medical and ethical soundness;

3- Suitability of the selection of the patient population, comparator and suitability for the trials’ outcomes,

4- Promotion of coordination and optimal use of resources

Following its assessment, the JAAM emits recommendations to initiate negotiations for the trials, and the final decision on access is made by each trial’s coordinating bodies. Requests for access to the APTs can be addressed to the JAAM Secretariat at covid19trialseu@ecrin.org. Applicants will be invited to present their compound to the JAAM, and will be requested to cover all key characteristics of the compound.  


How it works 

JAAM infographic